The ERP solution is such a system that can combine all the functions of a business, such as inventory management, warehouse management, manufacturing, distribution, invoice tracking, accounting, sales module, production planning, purchase management, customer support service, finance, HR, supply chain management, logistics, software, customer relationship management (CRM), etc. on to a single framework and thereby enabling business owners to take balanced and informed decisions for the future.

ERP Software Solution

We develop latest version of enterprise resource planning solution and package (ERP). The software packages offered to our clients incorporates all the basic functions of an organization. The ERP delivers a single database containing all the data for the software modules. It can be used by a manufacturing unit to keep track of Engineering, Scheduling, Work flow management and keeping bill of material.

ERP Work Flows

Businesses, which once operated relatively autonomously at an arm’s length from their customers, and suppliers, are now being forced to work more cooperatively, competitively, and collaborate within incorporated business communities. When an ERP system is implemented, information flows constantly and allows you to follow a client’s processes at any moment regardless of the part of the process they are engaged in.